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Packing tips for your local Corpus Christi move.

Packing is one of the most important parts of the moving process. You always want to make certain your valuables are secure for the duration of your move in Corpus Christi. The only way to do that is by following a few key steps.

  • The following moving supplies are necessary for your move: boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, scissors or box cutter
  • Dish packs are needed for your fragile items like dishes, china, vases and more. These durable boxes protect your valuables. You will still need to use bubble wrap and packing paper as well.
  • Pack your electronics in their original boxes. For items like art and mirrors, purchase adjustable mirror cartons from your Corpus Christi mover.
  • Books, files, and smaller, heavier items go in “book boxes” which are 1.5 cubic feet cartons.
  • Medium weight items (toasters, board games, toys, light non-fragile table and book shelf displays) are packed in medium, 3.0 cubic feet cartons.
  • Large, light items (stuffed animals, towels, bedding) should be packed in large, 4.5 cubic feet cartons.
  • Do not exceed 40 pounds per box.
  • Label each box and indicate which room it should go in. Mark“FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” as necessary.
  • Carry your medicines, important papers/documents, jewelry, and valuables with you.

If you are unable to locate packing materials, contact your local Corpus Christi mover.

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