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Moving a Student?

Soon, universities all across the country will have thousands upon thousands of students moving into thir dorm houses or apartments nearby. Moving into a dorm room or an entire apartment can be quite a trouble. When it comes to college students, your move could be either long distance or a local move depending on where your student chooses to continue their education. However, taking the time to follow these simple How-to’s will make the job much easier.

How- To:

1. Plan! It’s hard to make something easy when you don’t plan ahead. Chart out your travel route, assign who will take what items where, move large items first, and

2. Make a detailed list of what you need to buy for the apartment. It’s hard to take a shower without a shower curtain. It’s even harder to enjoy a burger without ketchup. So be sure not to forget anything.

3. Take the time to organize and carefully pack items based on weight, content, and how fragile they can be.

4. Invite some friends to help you move. Everyone needs a helping hand, so get as many as you can.

5. Make a “Care Kit” to make the move easier for them. They may be moving away, but they still want to feel like part of the family.

Whether your move is a local move or a long distance move, All My Sons has the tools you’ll need to make it easy. We can offer you custom moving supplies at a low price, and if you don’t have enough help our experienced movers will make it effortless for you. Call your local office for a free quote today!

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