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Corpus Christi Movers Welcome Ophiuchus

Horoscopes and astrology are part of a rather sore subject right now. A discovery made by the Minnesota Planetarium Society has recently revealed that the assignment of astrological signs has been about a month off, meaning that many people have lived their entire lives not knowing their true sign! To make matters even more confusing, the prodigal sign, Ophiuchus, has been introduced into the horoscope equation; as if the world has time to learn its characteristics, I’m still preoccupied with learning my own new personality perks and quirks as I’m no longer a cancer. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some strange reason I am reminded of the Y2K scare of 1999.

It’s silly to think that there are people out there who actually feel affected by the astral discovery. Granted, I’ve found interest in reading my horoscopes plenty of times, I’ve never been the type to let my sign define who I am though. I’m glad I’ve never credited my birth date for any of my achievements or characteristics; boy would my face be red, as I’m sure many previously devout horoscope enthusiasts’ faces are right now. Your Corpus Christi movers are definitely a cut above the rest, continuously dominating the moving industry because we define ourselves; it is no surprise that nobody here is panicked in the slightest over the arguably superstitious hot topic of changed horoscopes. If you’re moving locally or moving long distance with Corpus trusty relocation specialists, your horoscope reads, “great moving experience ahead!” no matter what sign you are!

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