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Our Corpus Christi commercial movers know that an efficient and affordable move is pivotal to your business. Your business is growing which is a great thing. You do not want to halt that growth or stunt it in any way because you are moving to a new space. Finding a qualified team of business movers is an important part of the moving process. Make sure your Corpus Christi commercial movers prioritize your business needs and ensure a quick and easy move with these tips.

Don’t procrastinate. You have a million priorities with your business. From managing staff to managing company goals and outcomes, adding a move to your plate can be stressful. Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning for a business relocation. Start doing a little bit at a time to get ready so you avoid piling on and taking time away from your employees and their to-dos for your business.

The more organized you are for your move, the more money you will save. Research several business movers and contact them to learn about their rates, services and more. Using movers takes a load off your employees and saves you valuable overtime pay that you’d have to dish out to your staff. Take time to declutter your office during lunch hour so you don’t spend the money to pack and move items you don’t use. Assign one employee from each department in your office to oversee decluttering and prepping their area for the movers so that it’s a smooth and efficient process.

You will need to let your clients and customers know that you are moving! Make sure you create a contact list of people to which you can send your new address and make sure communications and most importantly sales don’t stop.

Save time, money and stress when you hire qualified Corpus Christi commercial movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Victoria_Texas_watertower2_JD_Hancock30 miles from the Gulf Of Mexico, Victoria Texas is known as “The Crossroads” because of it’s strategic location between Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. With a population of over 80,000 Victoria is in the Texas High Country in the area called the “The Golden Crescent”.  Its position between the ocean and the grassy prairies was a strong draw for Native American tribes such as the Jaraname, Toncahua, Carancahua, Lipan, and Comanche. From the 17th through 19th centuries Victoria was occupied by the French then the Spaniards. Eventually it became Mexican property after the Mexican revolution and was a key part of Mexico’s attempt to colonize Texas. The city was named after General Guadalupe Victoria, the first post revolutionary president of Mexico. Following Texas’ independence from Mexico the city began to flourish and eventually the city of Victoria was officially founded as the county seat of Victoria County.

The Victoria economy was largely agrarian through the 19th century. Crops such as rice, corn and wheat were grown in great quantities. Cattle ranching was another major part of the economy. Early on the main non-agricultural business was brick making. Everything changed in the 1930′s with the discovery of oil. During the depression growth slowed, but quickly resumed during the Second World War due to demand for oil and the placement of several military bases nearby.

victoria_courthouse_ken_lundToday Victoria is a vibrant modern community that maintains its connection with it’s past. Victoria has several museums and many restored historic buildings. One of the most popular is the Museum Of The Coastal Bend which features exhibits on regional history. The 1892 Victoria Courthouse is considered one the best examples of Texas Gothic architecture. There are plenty of outdoor activities as well including fishing, kayaking and horseback riding. Another popular attraction is The Texas Zoo a 5 1/2 acre facility focusing on Texas wildlife.

Victoria continues to grow. if your future is in this historic city call your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage and we’ll help you get to “The Crossroads Of The Golden Crescent”.

Images courtesy of JD Hancock and Ken Lund

pearl-harbor-cliffRising like a mountain from the crystal blue waters of the Corpus Christi coast is a remarkable sight. It is the home of a 70 year old Lady Sailor, this lady is the “Blue Ghost” the U.S.S Lexington. She is a highly decorated veteran of several wars and is now the number One tourist attraction in Corpus Christi.

Laid down in 1941 she was originally to be named the Cabot. When her sister ship, the Lexington was destroyed at the battle of the Coral sea, the Cabot was renamed in honor of her sibling. This was when she first received her nickname “The Blue Ghost”. The Japanese, having sunk the Lex, were stunned to see her return from the dead months later to wreak havoc upon them. She went on to serve with honor, receiving a number of medals, including the Presidential Unit Citation, equivalent to the Distinguished Service Medal. She’s also a SEAL, having received the Special Operations Service Ribbon.

pearl-harbor-bunks-uss-lexington-museum“Lady Lex” was decommissioned in 1991 after serving longer than any ship of her class. She is the oldest aircraft carrier in the world. But she still has her looks. She went on to a career as a movie star, appearing in films like “Midway” and ironically imitating a Japanese warship in 2001’s “Pearl Harbor”.

Recently she has done a turn as a TV star. She has been featured on a number of paranormal themed TV programs. Some say that the “Blue Ghost” is haunted. One of her first losses was Nile Kinnick the Heisman trophy winner of 1939. His plane was lost at sea, but some say he still walks the passageways.

lex-modelHer latest career has been as an educator. In 1992 she was donated as a museum and was named a National Historic Landmark in 2003. She features 20 aircraft, a MEGAtheater(think IMAX), with guided and unguided tours. And if you dare, schedule an overnight stay with “The Blue Ghost” and her spectral crew.

She was a heroine, an actress and she loves to have fun !!! That’s our spirit here at All My Sons. If you’re moving to the Corpus Christi area let us here at All My Sons Moving & Storage take care of you the way Lady Lex cared for her loyal crew.

Images courtesy of Cliff and the USS Lexington Museum

The Salvation Army and Target recently donated gift cards so that children in need could have a back-to-school shopping spree, and your Corpus Christi local movers are happy to hear the news! Children had a blast as they filled shopping carts with new clothing and school supplies. The shopping spree was a huge success and lots of fun for all who had a chance to participate. However, the Salvation Army still needs all the donations they can get now that back-to-school is right around the corner! If you are planning a residential move in Corpus Christi soon, you may find that packing is the perfect opportunity to find items to donate for families in need!

Your Corpus Christi mover here recalls a time when cell phones still had buttons! Today, the novelty of touch-screen smart phones has just about warn off, but I think we’re in for a second wind of mind blowing phone tech; I know I’m not alone when I say, “I can’t wait!” Recently, the tech titans at Samsung introduced a smart phone feature that your Corpus Christi relocation professionals here can’t wait to get our hands on. Samsung’s ‘Tec Tiles’ are awesome. What are they?! Well, they are adhesive microchips that will take smart phone technology and convenience to the next level. There are a number of tasks these little smart-stickers are capable of. Tec Tile can be programmed to tell your phone to perform a certain task any time the phone is nearby. For example; you can program Tec Tile to set an alarm on your phone or tell it to enter silent mode any time you set it on top of your bedside stand. That is just one example of what these cool little tiles can do. If you’re anything like your Corpus professional movers here, you’re surely salivating in anticipation of getting your hands on Samsung’s Tec Tiles. And we certainly can’t blame you!

Roughly five hundred Corpus Christi Catholic School students held a walk-a-thon on May fourth, and raised over thirty thousand dollars! The fundraiser was geared to finance new technology equipment for the school. Students mailed pledge requests out to Corpus Christi residents rather than trekking door-to-door. Your Corpus area relocation specialist thinks that the mail method was a good way for the kids to conserve energy prior to the walk-a-thon! Thirty thousand dollars is a rather impressive grand total for the May Fourth event… ‘May the Fourth be with you’ indeed!

Several construction progress will cause slow moving traffic in Corpus Christi throughout the next few days, your Corpus Christi relocation specialists will be avoiding several affected areas this weekend to ensure speedy service to our customers. If you’d rather not squeeze extra grooves into the stress-reliever that is your steering wheel, steer clear of Southbound Ocean Drive near Ropes Street. Traffic will be slow-moving and limited to only one lane. Your Corpus Christi movers will also be avoiding Up River Road as much as possible for the next week as utility repairs will be performed between Leopard Street and the 3700 block of Up River. Thankfully, the upcoming projects are intended for speedy completion, so don’t expect congestion to stick around for long!

Two Corpus Christi residents are about to have the most stress-free moving experience either of them have ever had. In January of last year, Corpus Christie teen, Taylor Berry, moved to Houston with his mother into an apartment near the Texas Children’s Hospital where the young boy awaited the arrival of his much-needed donor heart. When Taylor was a four-year-old, he received his first heart transplant. Complications made his first operation a difficult experience both for him and his family; however, his condition eventually stabilized, and Taylor lived a pretty normal life for about ten years until his donor heart failed requiring a second transplant. Taylor and his mother, Tamara, moved to Houston away from Taylor’s father and sister where Taylor waited for his new heart which he received in mid-July. Now that doctors have approved Taylor’s return to Corpus Christi, he and his mom are packing boxes and bins in preparation for their much anticipated move back to Corpus!


Next month’s Corpus Christi leg of the Texas Jazz Festival will surely lure some movers and shakers out to this three-day event. The Texas Jazz Festival has experienced a massive growth of its audience since it first began back in 1959. In the beginning, artists performed to an audience of only 150, but that number has shot up to over fifty thousand since then. The festival showcases fifty bands, and is made a fun event for the whole family with the food arts and crafts that can also be enjoyed. Many young student musicians aging from six all the way to university-level jazz virtuosos will be playing their hearts out which your Corpus Christi mover thinks will make for an amazing show! The Texas Jazz Festival gets into town on October 21st, and tickets are available now! Sounds like a blast!

The weekend was rather kind to thousands of kids in Corpus Christi who are gearing up for back to school! “More Than Just a Backpack” is the name for an event hosted by the Corpus Christi Baptist Association. Five thousand backpacks stocked with school supplies were given to kids in an effort to help out during rough economic times. Along with the free school supplies, attendees of the event were treated to snow cones, hot dogs, popcorn and music. Your Corpus Christi mover is pleased to report that the backpack giveaway was a huge success. Corpus Christi students should look forward to the event next year as the Corpus Christi Baptist Association plans to keep the event an ongoing one!